Bui Huu Hung (Bùi Hữu Hùng)
Bui Huu Hung (Bùi Hữu Hùng)Vietnam
Bui Huu Hung is a Vietnamese artist who works primarily with lacquer. Hung was born in Vietnam’s northern capital city Hanoi in 1957. His Nha San studio and residence are still there in the city’s West Lake suburb. His fascination for lacquer came at the age of 18 and has remained within his brush strokes until this day.

Being descended from a family with traditional painting skills, having graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University, Bui Huu Hung quickly grasped the know-how in this field to become a painter-expert specializing in lacquer of Vietnamese painting. He is the first artist who put the images of princes and princesses into paintings. Bui Huu Hung not only exploited ancient cultural elements such as clothes, jewelry, and patterns, but also formed a different world outlook. In a quiet space, those in royal clothes stand or sit surrounded by ancient objects, creating unreal images from the past and presenting existing and value characteristics. Paintings are questions with outlook on life and nostalgia created by the
mysterious spiritual world of the artist.

He is a member of the Association of International Lacquer Artists. His works are exhibited in many places of the world such as London, Norway, New York, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, and Vietnam.

Only Bui Huu Hung, like an ancient alchemist, is capable of transforming the medium of lacquer into art. He is undisputedly one of the most original masters of the complex and mysterious art of lacquer painting.

Bui-Huong-25 Still Life

Still Life

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