Min Wae Aung
Min Wae AungMyanmar
Min Wae Aung
Born in 1960, Danubyu, Myanmar
Currently lives and works in Myanmar
Born in Danubyu, Myanmar in 1960, Min Wae Aung studied landscape and portrait paintings at the State School of Fine Arts, Yangon, and later developed his unique style, which has been met with intense international success.
Min Wae Aung captures the very essence of Burma, its spiritual and magical dimension, creating iconic characters, which perpetuate age-old traditions. Monks and nuns in burnt-orange and maroon robes against striking gold backgrounds, with dramatic effects of light and shade, characterize his works. Faces are rarely shown, as Min Wae Aung prefers to emphasize the monks’ movement. In his eyes, their anonymity helps convey how they are “leaving humanity behind” and going to “a peaceful place, like Nirvana.“ The audience often experiences a deep feeling of serenity and inner peace when contemplating his works.
Min Wae Aung’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across the globe, and count more than 50 international exhibitions to date. His works are held by the Singapore Art Museum in Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong, Nation Museum in Myanmar and Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan. His works are also collected by galleries and institutes in Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA and UK, and are regularly showcased at art fairs.
New Treasure Art Gallery was co-founded by ten artists. It is managed and owned today by Min Wae Aung. He’s one of the first artists to have been discovered by the contemporary international art market in the ‘90s to become today perhaps the most copied painter in Myanmar. The big change in his art came after a trip to the USA in 1993. He converted his knowledge into a way of painting almost unseen before in his country. Instead of heavy, academic forms, Min Wae Aung started to play with ephemeral light and colours while his characteristic human figures – usually monks – ‘move softly’ in timeless spaces. It has become his ‘trademark’ until today.
Min Wae Aung '92 22x29 Myanmar

Monk Walking With Umbrella

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