Maung Win Cho
Maung Win ChoMyanmar
Maung Win Cho was born in 1963 in Mudon, Mon State, Maung Win Cho and studied under the art master and his father, U Lun Gywe. Equally talented but persistent in setting out on his own path, Maung Win Cho, explores contemporary art. After many years of challenge and struggle, his distinct painting style has evolved. His bold lining, vivid colours and sometimes transparent mosaic-like art, has attracted a global audience.
He loves to paint everyday scenes like market places, scenes with bullock carts, flowers, and Myanmar villages featuring water and small streams. Through the eyes of the artist though, these banal scenes take on a powerful transformation. They are cheerful, tranquil and yet thought provoking.
He has participated in over 60 group shows in the country and abroad.
“Maung Win Cho’s paintings vary between two different styles: rich deep hues that glow from the canvas or romantically nostalgic renderings of Myanmar scenes”
– Khin Maung Nyunt et al, Myanmar Painting:
From Worship to Self Imaging, page 162
1995 Myanmar Fair, Parco Bugis Junction, Singapore
1997 ‘In the Footsteps of Siddharta’, Notices the gallery, Singapore
1998 ‘Bagan: A World Heritage’, Notices the gallery, Singapore
1999 ‘Images of Myanmar’, Paragon, Singapore
2002 ‘Burmese Days’, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 ‘Indochine Beauty’, Jakarta, Indonesia
Since 1987 GV Group Show, Yangon
2007 Christies Auction: ‘Indochine Beauty’, Jakarta, Indonesia
Myanmar Painting: From Worship to Self Imaging, Pg 162


Maung Win Cho 10×8 Myanmar 3

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