Chan Chung-kwong
Chan Chung-kwongHong Kong
Chan Chung-kwong (陳松江)
Chan Chung-kwong was born in Hong Kong and graduated from Taipei National Normal University in 1960, majoring in Fine Arts.
After his return to Hong Kong, Chan became a secondary school teacher while at the same time, starting his exploration of ceramics. He inherited the skill from both Ho Pingchung, the famous Shiwan artist, and Leung Sum, the owner of Kung Hop Pottery Factory in Castle Peak (It is now the Hong Kong Pottery Studio). From 1972 to 1977, he lived in a house next to the factory so that it would be convenient for him to make pottery more often. Over the years, he was eager to create and was devoted to ceramics education. In 1971, he conducted ceramic courses organized by the Extra-mural Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Furthermore, he was invited by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Grantham College of Education, the Northcote College of Education and the Education Department to conduct numerous lectures. In 1983, he set up The Ceramic Workshop.
A Brief Introduction to Chan’s Works:
Chan is experienced in mastering a variety of techniques, including throwing, slab building, modelling, and coil building. His works range from utensils, cubes, spheres and figures to sculptures. He is particularly skillful at inlaying colored clay, by which he makes geometric patterns onto the surface of the ware. His works are mostly solid, simple and warm. The glazing is sleek and attractive. In recent years, Chan has attempted to explore a variety of forms that has made his work more colourful and lively.
Chan Chung-kwong, Hong Kong. Resume

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Chan Chung-kwong, Hong Kong. Resume

Resume Page 1

Chan Chung-kwong, Clay vase 1988, 18 x 32 2

Clay Vase 18 x 32

Chan Chung-kwong, Clay vase 1988, 18 x 32 1

Clay Vase 1988 18 x 32

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